Apply for a exemption: Vulnerable groups & community workers (Permit D)

Applies to Euro 4 and 5 diesel vehicles being used in the circumstances listed below. Different criteria apply to each exemption.

Once you have registered the vehicle, from 15 March 2021 you will need to log each day that the vehicle is driven in the zone so that the fee can be waived. Please do this using MiPermit and within the normal payment window, which is 6 days in advance, on the day you drive in the zone, or in the following six days.

The exemptions apply for up to two years from the launch of the zone and you will need to renew your details with us each year.

• Community transport
This exemption applies to Euro 4 and 5 diesel vehicles with a valid community transport permit, not otherwise exempt as disabled passenger or disabled vehicle tax class vehicles.

• Blue badge holder
You can apply to exempt a Euro 4 or 5 diesel vehicle driven by or used to transport blue badge holders. It excludes the following types of vehicle, even if they have adaptations for disabled use: Taxis, private hire vehicles, minibuses, buses, coaches and heavy goods vehicles.

As a blue badge holder, you can register up to two vehicles in which you either drive or are regularly transported. Please apply for one vehicle at a time.

If the blue badge holder is being transported in a vehicle that is not their own, the exemption only applies to the vehicle on the day that it’s used to transport the blue badge holder. The badge holder is responsible for logging the day of travel.

• Community worker
This exemption applies to Euro 4 and 5 diesel vehicles used by community-based education, health or social care providers for work purposes in the zone. For full details on this exemption, please go to or talk to an advisor.

• Exemption for those declined from B&NES finance scheme
You can apply to exempt Euro 4 and 5 diesel vehicles if you are eligible for the financial assistance scheme, but you have failed the affordability checks with our financial providers. Please talk to an advisor before proceeding with this application.

To talk to an advisor email or call 01225 396189 in normal working hours.