Exemption for emergency service & special vehicles - Permit G

This exemption applies to the following higher emission, chargeable vehicles that are classed under the following terms for road tax services:

• Emergency service vehicle
• General haulage vehicle
• Special or special-type vehicle
• Recovery vehicle
• Showman’s vehicle

This exemption also applies to:

• M1 Motorcaravans

This exemption applies to any motorcaravan with vehicle category ‘M1’ on a V5 certificate. The exemption does not apply to vehicles - motorcaravan or otherwise - in any other vehicle category or where the vehicle category is blank on a V5C.

Once registered with the council, you do not need to do anything else to activate your exemption. It applies for four years from the launch of the zone and you will need to renew your details with us each year.

To talk to an advisor email CAZ_info@bathnes.gov.uk or call 01225 396189 in normal working hours.