Residents Permits

Registering for Residents Permits

To initially register for your digital Residents Permits, you will need your council tax account number for verification. You can find this on your council tax bill.

If you do not have a copy of your bill you can:

If you have recently moved into your property and have not yet received a Council Tax bill, please call 0345 520 7007 to register with MiPermit. To prove your residency, you will be asked to email a copy of your Tenancy Agreement or completion statement.

The registration process will ask for your details to set up your account, and a PIN will be sent to you by email/SMS in order that you can login to your newly created account.

Purchasing Your Residents Permits

When logged in to the MiPermit portal, select Buy Digital Permits from the menu, and select the Purchase Residents Permit. You can then select the type of Residents Permit (if more than one type of permit is available to purchase) you require, enter the vehicle registration number and the date for the permit to start.

You will need to provide credit or debit card details to complete your purchase (for chargeable permits).

Using Your Residents Permits

As with all digital permits, nothing needs to be displayed in the vehicle.

To manage your Residents Permits, login to the MiPermit portal and select Residents from the main menu, and select Manage Residents Permits from the sub menu.

A Residents Permit can only be issued to a vehicle belonging to or hired by a person who is a resident within one of the Residents Parking Zones. You can enter the vehicle registration of your nominated vehicle on initial application or renewal of the permit. If you need to change your vehicle details, you can do so by logging in to the portal and selecting Manage Digital Permits.

Please see the associated Terms and Conditions for full details.