Waiver Permit Purchase

Waivers - and how to apply for one

If you want to park where parking is not currently permitted or for longer than the current restrictions in force allow. Examples: loading or unloading for more than 30 minutes on a single yellow line A dispensation or waiver is applied for through a permit account and once the waiver or dispensation is active, it is then a virtual permit which covers the Vehicle Registration Number specified in the application. It permits one vehicle to wait on a single yellow line or in restricted time parking bay for longer than the maximum stay. There are two types of Waiver Permits, Green (to extend parking beyond current restrictions) and Red (where parking is not normally permitted). Waivers / Dispensations will not normally be granted where there are loading restrictions or in clearways.

Green Waiver Permits
  • These permits are for parking in parking bays with restrictions on time or use. (i.e. not on single or double yellow lines). These are available for immediate purchase and use. Green Waivers are valid for the period purchased and, in the location, identified in the application only, for the following parking restrictions:
  • On Street Pay & Display Bays
  • Limited Waiting Bays
  • Resident Parking Bays
  • Loading Bays

Using a Green Waiver on any other parking restriction may result in a Penalty Charge Notice being issued.

Red Waiver Permits
  • These permits are for parking in restricted areas of the street. i.e. where currently parking is not permitted, for example, double yellow lines. Once purchased Hampshire County Council will review your request and make a decision based on availability and suitability of location. You will be informed via email of the council's decision. You must leave up to 5 working days to allow a decision to be reached.

Fees for Parking Waiver Permits

  • Green Waivers £15 a day a day per 6m length
  • Red Waivers £20 a day per 6m length