Dispensation Permit Purchase

What is a dispensation?

A dispensation allows a vehicle to park where there are parking restrictions to allow building work or removals to take place. Parking restrictions include double or single yellow lines and parking bays.

We will only issue a dispensation when it is essential for the vehicle to be on site or when there is no alternative parking. For example, if the vehicle contains a generator needed for the work. In most cases we expect equipment or tools to be unloaded and alternative parking arrangements made. When unloading, the vehicle should only be parked on site for the shortest period necessary.

A dispensation only applies to a specific vehicle, for the date and location stated in the application.

A dispensation is not a permit for carrying out work on the highway eg. utility companies. A street work permit must be applied for.

We will not issue a dispensation if:

  • there is alternative off-street parking nearby
  • the reason for the application is convenience rather than necessity
  • parking at the requested location would cause danger or serious obstruction to other road users or pedestrians.
Applications should be received at least five days before the required date.

Applying for a dispensation

We can issue emergency dispensations immediately, but only in very exceptional circumstances. We will not issue them when the reason is simply a lack of forward planning by the applicant.

Applications should be received at least five days before the required date. There is a £19.80 administration charge per application for the first day, and £13.20 for every day following, up to a maximum of £191.40.

We will not normally issue dispensations for more than 14 days (including weekends). If there is reason to extend beyond 14 days, additional charges may apply.