Waiver Permit Purchase
Welcome to Wiltshire Council''s Waiver purchase portal.

On the next page you will have the choice to purchase 2 different types of permits. Firstly, select whereabouts you need your waiver to apply. At each location you will have a choice of up to two different permit types which are detailed below.
  • Green Waiver Permits
    • These permits are for parking in unrestricted areas of the street (ie not on single or double yellow lines). These are available for immediate purchase and use.

    • Green Waivers are valid for the period purchased throughout the county of Wiltshire (not including Swindon Borough) for the following parking restrictions: -
      • On Street Pay & Display Bays
      • Limited Waiting Bays
      • Resident Parking Bays
      • Wiltshire Council Car Parks
      • Loading Bays

Using a Green Waiver on any other parking restriction may result in a Penalty Charge Notice being issued.
  • Red Waiver Permits
    • These permits are for parking in restricted areas of the street. ie Double yellow or single yellow lines.

Once purchased Wiltshire Council will review your request and make a decision based on availability and safety. You will be informed via email of the council''''s decision. You must leave up to 5 working days to allow a decision to be reached.