On the next page you will have the choice to purchase 2 different types of waivers. Firstly select whereabouts you need your waiver to apply. At each location, you will have a choice of up to two different waiver types which are detailed below.

  • Green Waiver
    • o These waivers are for parking in unrestricted bays on-street and within Service Areas. These cannot be used for marked restrictions such as single or double yellow lines. These are available for immediate purchase and you will be able to park as soon as you make payment and obtain the confirmation page.

      Green Waivers are valid throughout Surrey Heath for the following parking restrictions:-
      • Limited Waiting Bays
      • Resident & Permit Holder Only Parking Bays
      • Loading Only Bays

      Please select a Red Waiver if you need to park in Camberley Library or in a Taxi rank

      Using a Green Waiver on any other parking restriction may result in a Penalty Charge Notice being issued.
  • Red Waiver
    • These waivers are for parking in restricted areas of the street

      Once purchased, Woking Borough Council will review your request and make a decision based on availability and suitability. You will be informed via email of the council's decision. You must leave up to 5 working days to allow a decision to be reached and may not park until you have received confirmation. If your waiver is rejected you will be provided with a refund of the full balance paid.

      Parking without confirmation of acceptance of your red waiver may result in a Penalty Charge Notice being issued.

Suspensions of bay are granted on a discretionary basis by Woking Borough Council based on a variety of factors including traffic flow, health and safety and disruption to residents. Please apply directly at the link below if you require a bay to be suspended. Each application is decided upon individual merit.