Bay Suspension - Parish Councils

Parking Services arrange on-street Bay Suspensions on behalf of West Sussex County Council.

Suspensions of parking bays on street, may be arranged for various reasons including public utilities (gas, water and electric) companies, house or office removals or essential deliveries (building materials), funerals or weddings, essential work on the highway, the placement of skips, special events, facilitating the movement of traffic for safety reasons.

To complete your application, you will need the following:

  • The location of the required Bay Suspension (for example, which property the suspension will be outside of/opposite, the road name and town)
  • A photograph to support the location description.
  • The date and duration of the Bay Suspension.
  • The number of parking bays needed. (1 Bay equals 2 Parking Spaces)
  • Why the Bay Suspension is required.
  • Credit / Debit card for payment

Applications will be checked and considered by Parking Services and notification will be sent when the application is accepted/rejected. A Bay Suspension will only be granted where the impact on other road users, businesses or pedestrians, is kept to a minimum.

Bay Suspensions are not issued for preferential parking and cannot suspend areas of yellow lines.

If a Bay Suspension is authorised, Parking Services will display one or more notices at the site of the suspension detailing the time, date, location and reason for the suspension. The notice/s will be displayed as close to the site of the suspension as possible and will be displayed at least 24 hours prior to the suspension becoming operative. One bay suspension includes the length of two bays (*10 metres maximum or two normal car lengths).

Vehicles cannot park in a Bay Suspension unless there are exceptional circumstances such as a removals van, in which case, the Vehicle Registration Mark of the vehicle should be provided with the application.