Resident Permit Registration
Resident Permits enable residents to park in permit holder parking bays during the hours of control in a specific zone.

Before completing this application please visit our resident permit webpage to check your property is included in controlled parking zone A or S.

To use this form to apply for a permit, we will need a copy of the following:
  • V5 Document (Vehicle Registration Document)
  • If applicable, both sides of your valid Blue Badge
We will also need you to enter your Council Tax number which is stated on your Council Tax statements. Without a Council Tax reference, you are unable to use this form and should call MiPermit to apply for a permit. As well as the information above, MiPermit will require:
  • Proof of residency dated within the last 3 months

Please be aware that without the correct documentation your application will be rejected and you may need to reapply.

To find information about the parking scheme and commonly asked Questions and Answers, please visit: