Resident Visitor Permit Registration
Residents Visitor Permits (RVPs) are available to residents to purchase for their visitors or tradespeople to enable them to park in Permit Holder bays / roads within the Controlled Parking Zones. These are sold to be zone specific and may only be used within the permit holder bays / areas within particular roads and streets included within a zone. Once Resident Visitor Permit books are purchased, a resident can log into their MiPermit account, activate a visitor permit when required by clicking ‘Manage Digital Permits’ and should then ensure that the terms and conditions are shared with the visitor.

The quickest way to activate a stay for a visitor is online at or via the App but residents can also call MiPermit.

Please visit our resident permit webpage to check your property is included in Controlled Parking Zone A or S prior to applying for permits. Permits are not available to purchase by those who do not live within these Controlled Parking Zones and the amount we can sell is limited.

Resident Visitor Permits are also available for property owners and landlords who are required to visit properties to undertaking repairs.

We will also need you to enter your Council Tax number which is stated on your Council Tax statements. Without a Council Tax reference, you are unable to use this form and should call MiPermit to apply for a permit. As well as the information above, MiPermit will require:
  • Proof of residency dated within the last 3 months
Without the correct documentation your request may be rejected.