Healthcare Permit Registration

Healthcare permits are available to people or companies within the Chichester District working within the healthcare services and who need to visit patients in their homes within the Controlled Parking Zone. The permits give recognition to permitted vehicles being used in connection with domiciliary visits from medical/care personnel to residents in Residents Parking Schemes (RPS).

To use this form to apply for a Healthcare permit, you will need to provide a Statement of Need on letter headed paper highlighting the following:

  • How often the staff member visits locations in the Resident Parking Scheme (RPS)
  • Whether member of staff carries out their work elsewhere within the county
  • How many days does the member of staff work per week?
  • Do your staff visit/report to a main premises on a daily basis?
  • How many staff you have in your department

The Statement of Need must also be dated and signed by a senior member of the organisation.

When parking in the Chichester District, the digital permit will be considered as the valid permit. Civil Enforcement Officers will verify this on their handheld computers.

A paper permit may be issued to Healthcare Permit holders to be displayed clearly in the vehicle outside of the Chichester District in the rest of West Sussex. Permit holders should read the conditions on the reverse of the permit prior to parking.

A paper permit issued by Chichester District Council is not considered valid in the Chichester District.

All accompanying paper permits will be posted 2nd class.

Please be aware that without the correct documentation your application will be rejected and you may need to reapply.