Charges apply for all suspension applications which are not made from a Newham residential address or by a Newham resident.

We charge a daily fee per bay; plus an administration fee per location.

A location is a single street where one or multiple bay suspensions are needed for a period of time. If you require multiple locations, you will need to complete a separate application for each one. To pay for multiple locations with a single payment please use the ‘add to basket’ feature and make full payment at the end.

Each application allows you to select a maximum of 50 bays per location. If you require more than 50 bays within an individual location, please contact us via email at

There is a one-off administration fee per location:
  • £200 if suspension is less than three days.
  • £400 if suspension is three or more days.

Daily fee per bay:
  • Standard £50 fee per bay, which applies to all residential parking zones.

You are required to attach a location map with your application, make sure you clearly mark the bay(s) that you want suspended.

Make sure you leave enough time to apply. We require a minimum of 10 working days to process your application, any less than this will be rejected.

Once payment has been made you will receive an email within five working days to tell you whether or not we have approved your application.

Please click ‘Purchase’ to start your application or alternatively for more information on suspensions please visit the Newham Council website at -