Registering for Dispensation Permits

You can register for waiver permits by completing the short registration form which can be found by clicking on the Register page on the cashless portal, if your local authority are offering the service.

Upon registering, you will need to supply your name/business name and address details.

Purchasing Dispensation Permits

To purchase a permit, login to the relevant portal and select the 'Buy Digital Permits' menu item. Select the location, and the type of dispensation required. Enter the vehicle registration number/s and the date that the permit is required for. A permit covers the entire day for which is has been purchased.

Using Dispensation Permits

A dispensation permit can be used to be able to park a vehicle in a specified location when no visitors permits are available, or the vehicle is required to park in a restricted area within a location.

The permit does not need to be displayed in the vehicle, as the enforcement officers have access to a real-time list of vehicles that are covered by the waiver permits in the location.