Annual Visitor Permits

Purchasing Permits

Annual Visitor Permits relate to on street resident permit bays and function similarly to Resident permits. To purchase permits, select Buy Digital Permits and select the Annual Visitor Permit option.

For first time on-street Annual Visitor permits, select the relevant Annual Visitor Permit option and input your postcode and house number/name. Select your property and continue. You will then be able to input your details to create your account and continue to make the purchase. Any further purchases can be made via the Buy Digital Permits section of your account.

Please note: Permit reviews are undertaken by the Council. Should a permit be rejected, you will need to reapply in the same manner as you had done so. Transactions made are cancelled if a permit is rejected, meaning it will return to your available balance. Timescale for this depends on your bank/card provider.

Should you wish to discuss the reasons for rejection in depth, please contact the Council directly.

Permit costs are available by selecting a duration of the permit from the purchase screen.

Amending A Registration

To change a registration on an Annual Visitor Permit, log in to your account and select Manage Digital Permit.

Click on the current permit and the permit details will be displayed below, where you can select Edit Registration. Update as required and click Save Details. This will immediately amend the registration on the permit. For any changes required in advance, please contact MiPermit to schedule a change for a future date.

Renewing A Permit

In most circumstances, permits can only be renewed up to 30 days in advance of the expiry date. If you have provided an email address, an email will be sent to you to advise of the upcoming expiry. Alternatively, you can view your permit at any time via the Manage Digital Permits section of your account.

To renew a permit, click the red circle next to Manage Digital Permits and click on the current active permit displayed. You will then be able to select Renew Permit from the permit details displayed and process as required.

Cancelling A Permit

Should you need to cancel your permit during it’s period, you can contact MiPermit either via email at or by telephone on 0345 520 7007, selecting Option 2.

Refunds are permit dependent, please review the terms & conditions set out by the Council.

Changing An Address

Should you need to change your address, please contact with a copy of the council tax bill for the new property. If you do not have the council tax bill, please provide a copy of the tenancy agreement or completion statement showing the names of the residents, the full address and signatures of all parties.