Resident Zone Visitors Permits

A resident of a Resident Parking Zone may purchase permits to allow visitors to park their vehicles whilst visiting the resident at the eligible address. A maximum of 2 sets of 10 permits can be purchased per month. The Responsibility remains with the Resident and the Visitor to ensure that they are aware of and park in accordance with the terms of the permit.

Whilst proof of residency is not requested at the time of submitting your application, it may be requested at a later date. If you are unable to provide the documents to verify eligibility, the permits may be cancelled.

To apply for visitor permits, select Buy Digital Permits from the menu and choose the required permit type.

If you have previously set up an account with MiPermit, enter your login details. If you have not previously set up an account, you will be given the opportunity to do so during the application process. Please note that when setting up your account, you will be asked to create a password, it must contain the following:

At least 6 digits containing at least 3 of the following:

  • Uppercase
  • Lowercase
  • Number
  • Symbol

You will be asked to enter your council tax reference number, if you are unsure of this number, type in Not Known and we will search for this later.

Complete the remaining fields with your details and then either select ‘Add to basket’ (if you wish to add further permit types) or ‘Pay now’.

As with all digital permits, nothing needs to be displayed in the vehicle.

If you experience difficulties with registering, please contact MiPermit on 0345 5207007.

Further Information

Each virtual visitor permit will be valid for one calendar day and will expire at mid-night on that day, for one vehicle. As the visitor permit is issued virtually, there will be nothing to display in the vehicle. The permit information is relayed in real time to the enforcement officers.

Using Visitors Permits by SMS

To use a visitors permit by mobile phone, you can text the word VISITOR to 61600 followed by the vehicle registration number to assign the permit to.

For example:


SMS costs to 61600 may vary depending on your network provider. Please contact your provider for more information.

Using Visitors Permits Online

When logged in to the portal, select the Manage Digital Permits option from the menu and select Visitor Permits. From here, you can purchase visitors permits as well as use your purchased permits.

To use a permit, simply select the type of permit (depending on your provider), enter the vehicle registration, and the date for the permit to be effective from and the duration required..

You do not need to place a permit in the vehicle.

Using Visitors Permits by Telephone

To use your visitors permits by telephone, simply call 0345 520 7007 and one of the MiPermit team will ask for the registration number of the vehicle and when you would like the permit to be effective from.

Please note that call costs to 0345 numbers are charged at no more than a national rate call and inclusive in your mobile minutes.