Business Permit (On Street)

Registering for Business (On Street) Permits

You can register for the digital Business permit service only if you are a Registered Business in one of the Councils Controlled Parking Zones and have your Business Rates number to hand during registration.

To register for your digital Business Permits, you will need your Business Rates number for verification. You will also need to supply your postcode and door number. Once this information is entered, you will be able to select your property from the search field to continue registration.

The registration process will ask for your details to set up your account.

If you have trouble with registering, please contact MiPermit on 0333 123 8008.

Purchasing Your Business (On Street) Permits

When logged in to the MiPermit portal, select Buy Digital Permits from the menu, and select the Purchase Business (On Street) Permit. You can then select the type of Business Permit (if more than one type of permit is available to purchase) you require, enter the vehicle registration number and the date for the permit to start.

There are 2 types of Business (On Street) Permits available:

  • Vehicle Specific – This permit is based on the emissions category of your vehicle
  • Non Vehicle Specific

You will need to provide credit or debit card details to complete your purchase.

Using Your Business (On Street) Permits

As with all digital permits, nothing needs to be displayed in the vehicle.

To manage your Business (On Street) Permits, login to the MiPermit portal and select, Manage Permits from the sub menu.

You can select your current Permit and view the VRM and Expiry date of the permit.

To change the Vehicle Registration on a Non Vehicle Specific permit you can go to Manage Digital Permits. Select Manage Business (On Street) Permits. Click on the permit you would like to change and edit the details. The vehicle registration on a Vehicle Specific permit cannot be changed. You will need to cancel this permit, and apply for a new permit. You will receive a refund for the remaining time left on the permit minus a £5 registration fee. You can then apply for a new permit.

Please see Terms and Conditions for full details.