Resident Permits

Registering for Resident Permits

You can register for a resident digital permit, only if you are a resident of the area where the resident permit scheme is in operation.

To register for your digital Residents Permits, you will need your Council Tax account number for verification. You will also need to confirm your postcode and house number. Once this information is entered, you will be able to select your property from the search field to continue registration.

Additionally, you will be required to upload a proof of vehicle as evidence of the vehicle being linked to the permit holder. This evidence can be:

  • V5C
  • Insurance document
  • Hire agreement

If you do not have access to your Council Tax reference number, please complete an account application form via the Cardiff Council webpage in order for an account to be created on your behalf. Please follow the instructions within the application form.

Once your application form has been processed you will receive a PIN will be sent to you by email in order for you to verify your newly created account and login.

If you have trouble with the registration process, please contact Mipermit on 0333 123 6006.

Purchasing Your Residents Permits

When logged in to the MiPermit portal, select Buy Digital Permits from the menu, and select the Resident Parking Permit. Once this is selected, you will be able to choose the type of Residents Permit (if more than one type of permit is available to purchase) you require, enter the vehicle registration number and the date for the permit to start.

You will need to provide credit or debit card details to complete your purchase.

Using Your Residents Permits

As with all digital permits, nothing needs to be displayed in the vehicle.

To manage your Residents Permits, login to the MiPermit portal and select Manage Permits from the sub menu.

You can select your current Permit and view the VRM and Expiry date of the permit.

A Resident Permit can only be issued to a vehicle belonging to person who is a resident in a street in the Resident permit Scheme. You can enter the vehicle registration of your nominated vehicle on initial application or renewal of the permit. If you need to change your vehicle details, you can do so by applying for a change of vehicle permit by selecting the ‘Buy Digital Permits and Bookings tab’. You application will be sent to the permit team for approval. An email confirmation will be sent when your change of vehicle has been approved.

Please see Terms and Conditions for full details.