Resident Car Park Permits

Registering for, purchasing and using your Resident Car Park Permits

Purchases made through MiPermit are digital/electronic/paperless.

This means that nothing needs to be displayed in the vehicle; the Civil Enforcement Officers in the Parking Enforcement Team check the purchases electronically using the vehicle registration number.

The Car Parks Team will be able to create a MiPermit account for you using your email address and then help you to purchase a new Resident Car Park Permit.

Once an account has been created and payment for a new Resident Car Park Permit has been taken, you will be sent a temporary PIN which you can use with your email address to log in to MiPermit.

From here, select Manage Digital Permits to view your purchased Resident Car Park Permits, change your vehicle registration number or renew your Resident Car Park Permit if it is due to expire.

When changing your vehicle registration number, please ensure that you enter the vehicle registration number correctly; for example, do not enter a zero in place of the letter 'O'.

If the vehicle registration number is entered incorrectly, you may be issued with a Penalty Charge Notice.

To download any PDF payment receipts, select Payment History to download the last 10 receipts, all receipts this month, all receipts last month or all receipts.

You can amend your billing address by selecting Billing Details.

You can also amend your personal details (e.g. your email address) at any time by selecting Members.

From here, you can also add additional members (i.e. work colleagues) to your account using another person’s name and email address.

These additional members will then receive their own tempoary PINs and will be able to log in and view your purchased Resident Car Park Permits if you are unable to.