School Street Access Virtual Permits for Disabled Badge Holders

A school street closes a designated area outside of a school entrance to motorised traffic at school drop off and pick up times in the morning and afternoon during school term time. The times of operation for each school street is signposted on entry and exit.

A school street zone is accessible only to pedestrians and non-motorised transport during the times of prohibition, with few exceptions.

There is no charge for a school street access virtual permit.

Disabled Badge Holders

Application proof required:

  • Proof of the child’s school attendance at a school within a school street zone and;
  • A copy of the child’s or an immediate family members blue badge and;
  • Proof of the vehicle V5C / lease agreement / company car showing the name and the vehicle registration number for the holders of the blue badge(s)

Help for Disabled Badge Holders Applying for a School Street Access Permit

To apply for a school street access permit choose the school street scheme from the drop down list.

Upload the evidence required to support your application.

Pick the date you want your virtual permit to start from. This can be a maximum of 30 days in advance.

Select you as the logged in account holder to be the virtual permit holder, or add a different user if you are applying for an immediate family member who is the disabled badge holder. As the account holder you are responsible for managing all permits registered to your account.

Click the terms and conditions to open them in a new window and check the box to agree.

Choose to finish the application now to activate your virtual permit, or add to your basket to check out at your convenience.